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Converting ILT to an eLearning Course

When organizations move from ILT to eLearning, they often attempt to do a straight conversion without re-evaluating the learning activities as they should. As a result, they are left with a boring, ineffective eLearning course that falls short. In this program, you will learn to create eLearning courses that bring about behavior change, engage learners, and leave them wanting more. You will re-evaluate your ILT learning objectives and move to solving business problems through behavior change rather than information overload. As part of this program, you will redesign an existing ILT course to an eLearning course:

Identify what eLearning tools are available to you and the type of functionality that is available.
Storyboard the course in a new way that is interactive and engaging in an eLearning environment.
Identify the graphics, media, and other supplemental tools to create an eLearning course that is engaging for learners.
Design new interactivities that engage learners and enable behavior change.
Create a plan for executing the development of the eLearning when you return to your job.

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